Healthy Soil Stores More Carbon and Produces More Nutritional Food


New research shows healthy soil rich in organic matter plays a major role in sequestering CO2 which helps create more fertile soil.

SoilLife’s exclusive organic formula restores depleted soil to a healthier state quickly. When applied SoilLife’s unique blend of humate, desert plant extracts and natural sugars acts as a bio-catalyst and a bio-stimulant for greater root development, plant growth and vigor.

Carbon is the main element of soil organic matter and helps give soil its water-retention capacity and creates more physically cohesive soil to resist soil loses by wind and water erosion.   Increasing soil carbon provides substrate and energy to support microbial activity and provides a reservoir of organic N, P and other nutrients for plant productivity making soil more fertile.  Consequently, your soil’s organic matter can be replaced in a few years – not decades.

Investing in better soil management using SoilLife will make agricultural land more productive and resilient to future shocks and stresses.  SoilLife is the most advanced soil conditioning and biological agent on the market today.

Healthy Soil Stores More Carbon and Produces More Nutritional Food


SoilLife – for Agriculture, Turf and Garden

SoilLife is available in four formulations and convenient sizes for agricultural use, turf management and lawn and garden.

SoilLife – for Agriculture

The original SoilLife formulations developed for agricultural use.

SoilLife-X for Specialty Crops

SoilLife formulation specifically for Specialty Crops. Contact Us to learn more.

SoilLife-T for Turf

SoilLife formula for Commercial Turf management.

SoilLife-LG for Lawn & Garden

SoilLife in convenient sizes for Lawn and Garden use.

SoilLife Benefits

SoilLife is the only organic soil product that uniquely combines all of the biological science to support healthy soil and build healthy plants all in one product!  That makes it easy to use and economical in addition to its many other benefits. Agricultural producers will see a higher return on their investment due to the higher yields and quality.  With SoilLife you will see some or all of these:


Increased Seed Germination



Stronger, faster growing plants



Improved water retention in the Soil



Higher sugar content in fruits and vegetables



Hardier root development and vascular system



Plants reach their full potential

Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants

SoilLife’s ingredients work together to support healthy soil and healthy plants. Our one-of-a-kind formulation of organic humate, natural sugars, desert plant extracts and biologicals is perfectly balanced to build healthy soil which in turn produces healthy plants.  Click on our ingredients below to learn more!

Organic humate

plays a vital role in soil fertility and plant nutrition.

Natural Sugars

provide an immediate energy source for microorganisms.

Desert plant extract

is derived from a unique species of cactus that acts as a natural wetting agent


increases the microbial population that is indigenous to the surrounding area

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