Idaho Potato Study

In a study on a potato farm in Idaho, researchers saw the average potato size increase by 19%, from 5.03oz. to 5.95oz. There was also a 39% increase in #1 potatoes, 197% boost in #2, and a 60% reduction of the non-size A grade potatoes.

  • Increase in average potato size 19%
  • Increase in #1 potatoes 39%
  • Boost in #2 potatoes 197%
  • Reduction of non-size A grade potatoes 60%

Studies on organic matter

A study of soils in Michigan demonstrated potential crop-yield increases of 12% of every increase 1% of organic matter. In a Maryland experiment, researchers saw an increase of approximately 80 bushels of corn per acre when organic matter is increased from 0.8% to 2%.

  • 12% Crop yield increase for every 1% increase of organic matter
  • 1% Increase of organic matter
  • 80 more bushels of corn per acre with an organic matter increase from 0.8% to 2%

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