Organic Humate

Our humate has the highest percentage of humic and fulvic acids for quality performance.

SoilLife’s Organic Humate

Our humate is a truly natural humate, mined from the mountains of New Mexico. The humate has a high concentration of organic acid which has oxidized organically over the last several thousand years. Humic and fluvic acids are the final constituents of the decay of both animal and plant life from eons ago. Chemical and biological activities return their organic matter (carbon) to the earth. Due to this slow process, our humic acid content is upward of 70%.

As soil’s organic matter is depleted, it becomes increasingly difficult to grow healthy plants and problems with fertility, water availability compaction, diseases and pests become more common.

SoilLife’s humate has well-decomposed organic and fine particle size making it relatively fast acting.

The organic nature of SoilLife plays an important part in the formation of fertile soil and nutrient uptake in plants. It promotes soil development, water holding capacity and enhanced plant growth.

SoilLife’s organic matter, humate, positively influences the effect of all soil properties.




Humate, a farmer’s best friend?

D. Clinton Dudley, CES, CRS; Organic Solutions; Buena Vista, VA. Humate is not a fertilizer: it acts as a soil conditioner and as a bio-catalyst and bio-stimulant for plant life.  Humic and fluvic acids are an excellent and organic way to provide plants...

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