Product Features & Benefits

Enjoy increased yield, better soil management and health with reduced over-all cost of production.

Soil Health = Economic Health

SoilLife brings more than life back to your soil. Healthy soils result in greater yields with reduced input costs. Soil Health is the hottest topic in Agriculture today and proper soil management has proven that depleted soils can be rebuilt naturally and without sacrificing yields. SoilLife is a catalyst that will help you achieve greater soil health more quickly – in years instead of decades!


Yield & Products

Enjoy increased yield, better soil management and health with reduced over-all cost of production.


Balances soil pH, improves soil’s ability to retain water due to increased organic matter, reduces leaching of fertilizers into the surrounding ecosystem, and overtime will reduce fertilizer applications by one third or more.


Increases seed germination rates while producing stronger, faster growing plants.


Possesses high ion-exchange capacities for utilization of fertilizers and prevents leaching away from root zone.

Nutrition Uptake

Increases plant nutrition which leads to increased yields.



Increases yields and reduces cost of production. Improves sugar content of fruits and vegetables


  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Balances soil pH
  • Decreases cost of irrigation
  • Improves soil’s water holding capacity
  • Speeds decomposition of poisons
  • Prevents leaching of chemical fertilizers
  • Reduces chemical applications by one-third or more over time


Increases plant nutrition by supplying available trace and minor elements. Produces stronger, faster growing plants


  • Increases root system development
  • Possesses high ion-exchange capacities thus making possible better retention and utilization of fertilizers and preventing leaching away from root zone.
  • Liberates carbon dioxide from soil calcium carbonates and thus make it available to the plant through the roots
  • Reacts with salt solutions to protect roots.

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