About Us

“It’s not the soil itself – it’s the soil life that is the most important element.”  – Geoff Lawton

Our Focus

Reestablishing Soil Harmony

The complexity of soil can be summarized to a basic premise, healthy soil equals healthy plants.

Our Philosophy

Science by nature

At Organic Solutions, we base our product development on the recognition that healthy soil is a balanced living entity. However, when the soil ecosystem is depleted, life below the ground ceases to be beneficial for plant growth. By combining earth’s vital ingredients, we are able to regenerate this crucial balance. We meet environmental challenges by capturing the science of nature.


  • To lead the way in rebuilding our soil by reestablishing soil health and harmony.
  • To provide solutions in a cost effective way.
  • Develop products using nature’s own solutions for everyday challenges.
  • Leave future generations, the knowledge that through nature, there can be coherence between earth and the human race.

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