Kansas Hemp

Apr 30, 2020 | Field Results

In 2019 Keith Seck became a rookie Hemp grower on his farm located near Hutchinson, Kansas.  Previously he had witnessed the unique impact of SoilLife on nearby wheat and soybean crops.  Since there was no crop insurance program available, Keith wanted to give his Hemp crop the best chance possible. He then purchased “clone” hemp seedling plants from a reputable Colorado source and applied SoilLife from start to finish. His first application was immediately after planting, then again at the 8-week mark followed by a final application a week before harvest.

Keith’s investment paid off.  Plant feeder roots spread out 5-6 feet compared to less than a foot for his neighbors who were growing the same variety of hemp. The size of the buds and amounts of resin increased. Because SoilLife helped the plants’ roots, the plants remained healthy throughout the growing season, and found water in spite of the dry Kansas summer. They were resistant to insect and disease pressure as well.

At harvest yields averaged 2.8 pounds of dried floral material per plant with some weighing over 6 pounds! Most other growers in the area only experienced averages of .5 pounds per plant.

After harvest Keith contacted Clinton Dudley, the developer and formulator of SoilLife.  After their conversation Clinton developed a slightly modified version of SoilLife, called SoilLife-H, to tailor the formulation more specifically to the needs of the Hemp plant.

See more images of Keith’s bumper crop below!